SEO Basics

If you are fortunate to have high reading/writing proficiency the text in many websites may seem simplistic to you. This is intentional, as is the repetition of certain words. Content developers and writers intentionally write on par with a lower level of reading proficiency because a high percentage of the general population, unfortunately, reads at around a 6th grade level, not at the level you or I may read.

Writing for the web is different than writing for any other purpose I know of. Website content developers know that we must keep inserting keywords strategically into written content to allow the search engines (which “crawl” your site) to “index" your site. This indexing is partially how the search engines “rank” you. Your ranking determines where your website will appear in the search results list when someone searches Google, for example, for something you offer.

The SEO Science of Keywords

Marketing studies show that people rarely go deeper than page one in a search results list. Our SEO goal is your website gaining ranking on page one! If you hired someone to do SEO they’d do the same things we build into every website we develop at Lotus Live Design. So this is why you see certain words repeating throughout the online text, and why it can seem like those words are redundant… because SEO demands this. After all, what's the point of having a website if no one can find you?

One must generally use the same keyword 6 or more times in a page’s text, plus in titles and headings (creating "keyword density"), for it to become a valuable search keyword. Alternatively, if one uses the keyword too much Google, or another search engine, may decide your site is bogus, hurting your SEO. In the past some websites tried to trick search engines by creating pages that offered no real content, but only keywords listed over and over, an SEO trick that has become obsolete and discredited.

The same keyword must appear in the underlying SEO setup for that page. Online marketing is driven by SEO and keywords. Some keywords are more powerful than others because they are more commonly used when people search. Each page gets one main keyword, but others can also apply if used frequently. It’s a science!

SEO & Google Rankings

In the past many "SEO Experts" tried to "trick" search engines by a variety of tactics that loaded keywords into websites which actually offered no relevant content, or which redirected the user to another website they did not wish to visit. So Google and the other search engines changed the way ranking is done, and created new ranking parameters, to discourage deceptive marketing like that. At Lotus Live Design our policy is to follow strict SEO guidelines that match what Google and the other search engines require. If one runs a legitimate business then one can market online successfully without resorting to SEO tricks, which may in fact backfire.

When Google changed it search algorithms recently, it created new ranking parameters favoring websites that deliver both relevant, and the most current, information for a given keyword search phrase. As a result, more than ever, websites that contain authentically valuable content will get higher rankings than before. This is why blogging is such an important innovation online for business marketing. Publishing periodic blogs help a business add new relevant content often, and easily. Google also gives higher ranking for websites that incorporate social media in certain ways, so we incorporate social media into every website we design as well.

Built In SEO Succeeds

At Lotus Live Design we incorporate robust SEO into each website we design. We also coach and train our clients how to add content to their websites that will have the correct keywords, and keyword density, helping them write effectively to gain high search engine rankings.

We add SEO at an organic level throughout each website. Once the basic content and SEO is in place we also go the extra mile, sending site maps to the major search engines, and setting up additional tracking features. This is all simply part of our design process (very helpful to our clients too). The result is that our clients do not need to hire an SEO specialist to achieve the same SEO benefits. They do not need to hire custom coders to get special website features. Instead our clients are empowered and costs are lowered.

Our case study results have been excellent. We have clients whose income doubled and tripled within as little as three months after we updated their branding, designed their website, and managed their SEO and social media marketing. We have startup clients who met and exceeded revenue goals within their first year of business. Best of all, their website costs are lower going forward.

The bottom line? SEO, managed properly, will grow your online audience in a targeted manner that you will love!