PageLines- office.jpgHappy clients are what make Lotus Live Design stand out from the crowd. Websites that actually drive traffic and increase profits, while streamlining your work days… ahhh. Life is easier when your social media, marketing strategy and website are integrated, and we know how to make your custom website truly work for your bottom line. Contact us!


gdesignerWhether your business is a startup or well established, we can help you grow it to the next level and beyond. Since we combine social media training, strategic marketing consulting, business development coaching and web design into our Live Design sessions, the design process is extremely efficient… saving you money. Contact us to see portfolio samples.


PageLines- laptoplady.jpgSave money while getting the latest cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the usual cost and time with Lotus Live Design. We save you money by designing your website via live video design sessions. Collaboration is the key. Your website comes to life before your eyes as this dynamic design process unfolds… empowering your business goals to become reality. Learn about our pricing.

PageLines- gdesigner.jpgLOTUS LIVE DESIGN® & SOCIAL MEDIA

At Lotus Live Design & Social Media we empower our clients to grow their businesses to the next level and beyond. Our latest innovation has been getting 5-star reviews from our clients and saving them lots of money.

Our new method of web design is so efficient and dynamic that it changes the process of website development from a pricey, lengthy project to a streamlined, collaborative, and value packed way to build a better custom website. We call this method Lotus Live Design.

Lotus Live Design is just what it sounds like. During sessions scheduled at your convenience your website is built live with you… at lightning speed together with a dedicated web master and graphic designer while you video chat or meet in person. Your designer will be uploading designs, collaborating with you to streamline the process. Your website will come to life before your eyes.

Live design is a smart way to save money and learn WordPress blogging, social media marketing, content management, and much more. This all adds up to amazing savings while empowering you and your staff to save money in the future.

PageLines- laptoplady.jpg WEB SITE FEATURES & PRICING

All the websites we build are custom HTML5 designs, with solid pro WordPress theme architecture, sophisticated design options and functionality. Websites built by Lotus Live Design always include social media integration, integrated SEO, and much more.

Depending upon the size of your website and the amount of your content, pricing varies. A cutting-edge, dynamic, and feature packed, 10-14 page custom blog website can be built in as little as 20-30 hours through Lotus Live Design. If you’d like a pleasant pricing surprise on your website project budget please contact us. We love to make people smile.

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